Fioritto Funeral Service-Funeral Homes Services

• Serving all Faiths and Ethnic Groups

• Traditional Funeral Services With Burial, Entombment or Cremation

• Headstones, Markers & Monuments

• Immediate Cremation Services

• Immediate Graveside Services

• Bereavement Groups

• Pre-Arrangements

• Green Funerals

• Burial Clothing

• Pet Services

• Catering

• Floral


Located in Lyndhurst, Fioritto Funeral Homes has facilities available in Mentor, Willoughby, Broadview Heights. We also conduct funeral services at a facility closer to your home in Northeastern Ohio.  Fioritto Funeral Homes handles all services, but uses a facility more convenient for you at no additional charge.  For information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our family staff.  Fioritto Funeral Service serves all faiths and ethnicities.